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...Sixten Ahlsved is a perceptive observer of landscapes. Naturally, his point of departure lies in observing what he can see, but if he didnąt also listen and if he werenąt so sensitive to the nature of the landscape, his art would remain confined to surface aspects. Ahlsved has the ability to communicate the crisp sound of brittle new ice breaking and to tell us whether the temperature is above or below freezing. He can express the essential local nature of the landscape together with the atmosphere and the feeling of something familiar that is innate in it. Sixten Ahlsved uses reclaimed timber from old cottages and barns as his vehicle of expression. He does not add any colour to it but allows it to tell its own story through the structure of the wood itself and the varied hues of natural weathering and patina. His work comprises pictures and miniature buildings. He makes his pictures by 'painting' with pieces of wood. In doing this, he creates the effect of both of inlay and relief. The shape and colour of the miniature houses may only be suggested, but they display a character all of their own...

Ostrobothnian Museum - Regional art museum
Jaakko Linkamo - Vasa 2008